• Food processing

Food processing

When the certainty is essential. Faced with fluctuations in energy and raw material prices, monitoring of manufacturing methods is more important than ever before. In addition, the ability to forecast and measure changes in consumer behavior and demand, while difficult, is essential to drive efficiencies.

The consulting and advisory approach enables us to serve clients beyond tax issues and provide guidance on forecast issues. Our professionals identify risks as far as the costs of financing, research and development, government regulation and the production chain are concerned.

In addition, the recent trend towards consolidation in the sector has generated more merger and acquisition activity, as well as increased competition for deals. We offer a wide variety of mergers and acquisitions services to help BDO customers target new customers and identify strategic buyers looking for opportunities. Our accounting, tax and business advisory expertise guides companies through their biggest challenges, enabling them to compete in the global marketplace where customers expect high levels of service at lower costs.