• Federal government

    BDO provides an independent viewpoint to help clients address the complex challenges at the government level.

Federal government

Use the power of an independent valuation. The federal government is facing many challenges, including terrorism, cyber security, political polarization and budget cuts. These difficulties are compounded by 24-hour media coverage, which immediately transmits decisions (from the government) to a global audience. Now more than ever, it is critical that government leaders effectively and proactively run their organizations.

The BDO Public Sector Practice understands this environment and helps agencies maintain an objective perspective by providing independent assessments. As part of audit, fiscal and consulting solutions, BDO offers a range of services to help clients achieve their mission and mission support goals, including organizational planning, strategic & strategic consulting, management / improvement Financial and audit & compliance assurance, and backed by the resources of a large global network, we deliver those services to customers across the country and around the world.