• Human Capital Advisory

    Culture is defined by the principles and values assumed and shared by the organization that make people behave in a certain way.

Human Capital Advisory

Managing culture is one of the most important and difficult challenges facing leaders of organizations. All companies have their culture, the question is whether the culture of your organization represents an asset or a liability for achieving results. Today, more than ever, the success of organizations depends, to a large extent, on the ability of directors to take care of all the factors that affect culture. At BDO Castillo Miranda we put at your service a team of professionals with extensive experience and preparation to identify and model the culture most suitable for your business.


At BDO Castillo Miranda we advise our clients on the diagnosis and analysis of the culture of their organization, the causal factors that shape it and the effectiveness of the results at individual, group and organizational level. These results are compared with those of a group of high-performance organizations to establish, together with the client, an action plan that allows them to adopt the culture most suitable for achieving their goals.