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25 February 2019

BDO World Wide Tax News summarises recent tax developments of international interest across the world. In this issue:International​OECD proposals for global digital tax reform and global minimum taxAsia-Pacific​AUSTRALIA - Australia to introduce flow through taxation for Corporate Collective...

05 November 2018

In the last three years alone, banks and financial institutions experienced 154 publicly reported data breaches that compromised nearly 150 million records.As cyberattacks on financial institutions have shown no signs of slowing down in 2018, we have chosen to focus our 2018 Q3 Cyber Threats...

09 October 2018

The origins of IFRS 9 Financial Instruments stem from the global financial crisis and is a very significant standard for the banking sector. Whilst the impact on IFRS 9 is not as great on nonfinancial entities, those in the natural resources sector should not ignore its impacts.The key features...

28 September 2018

It is reasonable to say that the mining sector is far less impacted by IFRS 15 “Revenue from Contracts with Customers” than sectors such as telecoms, software, construction and indeed mining service companies.However, it is wrong to assume that miners are not impacted by this new standard and...

02 August 2018

BDO’s Cyber Threats Insights reports cover cybersecurity incidents that occurred around the world the past quarter. It provides not only the significant global cybersecurity events, attacks and campaigns, but also a perspective on notable new attack tools, techniques and malware. The special...

17 July 2018

The BDO 2018 Telecommunications Risk Factor Survey, now in its fourth year, analyses risks identified by around sixty telecoms companies worldwide, covering key markets in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. This year’s edition of BDO’s risk survey also analyses recurring trends and...

05 July 2018

In the global ranking of economic, politico-legal and socio-cultural framework conditions, Northern America, Oceania and Northern and Western Europe again occupy the top places. These are the results of what is now the seventh edition of the International Business Compass (IBC) produced jointly...

26 June 2018

In this new BDO report we look at how different countries are employing new and innovative ways to support an ever increasing demand for value based elderly care. BDO understands the challenge of combining social duty with trying to achieve efficient operations. BDO’s sound advice and practical...

14 June 2018

Mark Pollock, Director - Tax and Advisory, BDO in AustraliaAs global mobility increases it is becoming common for high net wealth families to own homes in a number of countries, as well as investing in commercial and other real estate outside of their country. Often this can be driven by their...

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