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16 noviembre 2017

Quinta resolución de modificaciones a la Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal para 2017 y su Anexo 1-A.

14 noviembre 2017

Each quarter BDO’s Mergers & Acquisitions team analyses global deal activity across a number of regions and selected sectors around the world; we offer you a satellite view of how the M&A market is evolving - and where it appears to be heading. Issue 4 2017 includes:Global view – A trend reversal...

10 noviembre 2017

Original content provided by BDO Belgium  A client recently asked our Digital & Innovation department the following question: “Can I invoice in bitcoins?”. This novel question inspired us to write this white paper and give you a perspective on the "ready to use solution" for e-invoicing. We have...

09 noviembre 2017

BDO has not only the knowledge, but also has experience in advising a wide range of asset managers in transfer price planning, policy design, documentation and defence. We can also assist with advance pricing agreements with tax authorities.

09 noviembre 2017

At last, 2014, a year that lived up to expectations, with midmarket deal activity hitting a five-year high. Yet a slowdown in the final quarter makes the outlook a little cloudier. For further insight download the latest copy of Horizons.As globalisation continues, more and more mid-sized...

06 noviembre 2017

Inicia intercambio de información financiera para efectos fiscales.

02 noviembre 2017

Período para presentar la renovación de la certificación en el esquema de certificación de empresas modalidad IVA e IEPS.

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