Agro foods

Innovation, sustainability and globality: Our passion in agribusiness.

Agro foods

Globalization in the markets has influenced the agro-food industry, in addition it has been reinforced that industry prevails environmental sustainability and food security. For these reasons, producers are always in a constant search for diversification, to be able to add more value to their products and decrease their environmental impact. To these already complex challenges is added the accelerated change, where those without adaptability are in danger of disappearing.

At BDO, we have the experience of working for industry professionals, ranging from agro industrial business owners to farms. This makes our professionals have the capacity to meet all the increasingly demanding requirements of the industry. Our deep knowledge allows us to provide you with solutions from audit, tax advice, among other kinds of services, all in order to lead our clients to maximize their opportunities

Our team specializes in the following subsectors:

  • ­Animal and crop production
  • Agribusiness, which includes producers of dairy products, sugar mills, fertilizers, distilled -beverages, among others.