Consulting and Valuations

Building Successful Experiences: BDO, Your Partner in Hospitality and Entertainment.

Our experience in projects, studies and analysis, added to our capabilities, support the project planning process that BDO has designed for the hotel, tourism and entertainment sector. Thanks to our wide understanding of market’s trends and characteristics, we are able to identify development opportunities and provide the corresponding concept, as well as support with product positioning recommendations to maximize the project performance.

Developers, operators, lenders and investors who need impartial advice on the viability of a project, rely on our reports.

  • Market, Financial and Feasibility studies
    Socioeconomic and demographic aspects, demand profile, and supply characteristics are considered to determine market orientation and the competitive position of the project. In addition, economic feasibility is estimated through an in-depth financial analysis.

  • Land Valuation
    We estimate the land value according to sales comparatives and the project’s development potential.

  • Selection and Negotiation of Contracts with Hotel Operators
    We assist our clients in the evaluation, selection, negotiation and closing of franchise and/or management contracts.

  • Strategic Business Planning
    We give advice in the elaboration of a strategic plan that considers the product’s definition and demand analysis, financial projections, the operator company´s policy and the definition of marketing and positioning strategies.
  • Valuation Reports
    We determine the current business value by considering market aspects and their operative performance, through cash flows, replacement costs and market value.

  • Master Plan Destinations and Large Projects
    Taking into consideration the land use and allowed densities, we analyze market aspects and multiuse schemes with which we can establish the product´s definition through the best profitability of each business area.

  • Analysis of the Best and Greatest Use of Property
    We look for the best and greatest use that generates the maximum yield on the land or property, through the analysis of the physically possible use, allowed legal use, financial use and maximum productive use.
  • Benchmarking
    We monitor the tourism sector, which allows us to compare similar products in terms of performance, product, marketing and commercialization.