• Alternative energy

Alternative energy

Boost a healthier planet, with businesses also healthier. Alternative energy companies know this better than anyone else, namely, by its nature, sustainable businesses have an environmental strength. More difficult is the task of ensuring that they also have financial strength. Alternative energy companies are often entitled to a wide range of benefits from federal, state and local governments, including a wide range of accreditations and fiscal incentives for renewable energy. Taking advantage of these opportunities can increase cash flow, reduce the tax credit (passive) and help offset the cost of efficient energy improvements

Our Alternative Energy professionals assist clients in many different areas of the industry to identify, negotiate, and secure federal, state, and local energy fiscal accreditation incentives to support sustainability reporting. Among our clients are businesses focused on products, services and processes that reduce the ecological impact and promote the responsible use of natural resources.

  • Power generation - wind, solar, hydro / marine, biofuels and geothermal
  • Energy storage systems - fuel cells, advanced batteries, and other hybrid alternatives
  • Energy infrastructure - administration and transmission
  • Energy Efficiency - lighting, buildings and glass
  • Transportation - vehicles, logistics, structures, fuels
  • Water and wastewater - treatment and preservation
  • Air and environment - cleaning / security, emission control, monitoring / compliance, trade and offsets
  • Materials - nano, bio and chemistry
  • Manufacturing - Advanced packaging, monitoring and control, automotive and intelligent production
  • Agriculture - Natural Pesticides, Land and Aquaculture Management
  • Recycling and waste - recycling and waste treatment