International Trade and Customs

In Foreign Trade, we enhance your global operations.

International Trade and Customs

We are your best alternative in International Trade, to boost your business operations worldwide.

International Trade and Customs

International Trade has become one of the most important economic activities.

We offer specialized advice to identify opportunities and incentives for your company, to avoid unnecessary expenses and reduce related tax risks.

A specialized international trade advice is essential for a company’s success. Failure to carry out tax-customs planning from the start of the project represents risks and loss of opportunities, which can be avoided by using professional advice in this area.

Thus, BDO's international trade practice aims to offer specialized advice so that you identify the opportunities and incentives according to the import and export alternatives of the Mexican Government, so that you avoid unnecessary expenses and reduce tax and International Trade risks. Some of our services are:

  • Consulting in International Trade and Customs
  • Free Trade Agreements and Economic Complementarity Agreements
  • Incentives in International Trade Matters
  • Audit in International Trade
  • International Trade Procedures before Tax and Customs Authorities

Guillermo Massieu Urquiza

International Trade & Customs Advisory Partner
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