Expatriate Tax Service

Compliance and advice on first-hand tax matters.

Expatriate Tax Service

Covering a strategic position with the right people for companies, today is not only part of a priority at the local level, meaning, globalization requires them to allocate their workforce internationally.


The BDO Expatriates practice is focused on this kind of companies, with the objective of advising them in a specialized way to face the challenges involved in international assignments, allowing cost minimization and risk management.


Our practice offers tax compliance and advisory services for international assignees, during all stages of the assignment process, such as arrival, stay in the country and repatriation. As well as assistance to Mexican executives who initiate an assignment abroad.


Some of the services offered by the BDO Expatriates practice are:

  • Tax Residency Analysis to Determine Tax Obligations in Mexico Including Your Global Revenues.
  • Arrival and Departure Interviews to Detail Tax Compliance in Mexico.
  • Advice for the Registration and Presentation of Notices and Applications before the Tax Authorities.
  • Preparation of Monthly and Annual Declarations of the Assigned Personnel.
  • Obtaining certificates of tax residence.
  • Implementation of Mirror Payroll and Calculation of Compensations and Taxes.
  • Projections of the Cost of Assignments.
  • Analysis of the Tax Treatment of Stock Options