Transfer Pricing

We transform the challenge of transfer pricing into an opportunity for success.

Transfer Pricing

In a globalized world, where transactions within the same business group are carried out in different countries; it is essential to ensure that such transactions between related companies are made in compliance with the rules and regulations established worldwide.

Increasingly, local and international tax authorities review these types of transactions in more detail, seeking to avoid abuses and avoidance channels.

At BDO México, we have the resources and experience, to assure that your operations and the flow of business of your company, comply with the established regulations.

Our services include:

  • Elaboration and updating or Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Letter rulings on specific, actual situations about transfer pricing
  • Information concerning transactions with foreign related parties
  • Information concerning specific exhibits of DISIF / SIPRED about transfer pricing
  • Return On Relevant Transactions Report
  • Design of transfer pricing policies
  • Preparation of Master Transfer Pricing Declaration (Master File)
  • Preparation of Local Transfer Pricing Declaration (Local File)
  • Preparation of 'Country by Country' Report
  • Processing of Advance Pricing Agreements (APA)