Audit & Assurance

Transparency, clarity and trust.

Audit & Assurance

At BDO Castillo Miranda, the audit practice is focused on collaborating with our clients in the protection of interests of their shareholders and the related parties with whom they work, from their suppliers to their clients. Every examination we carry out goes through an intense process of technical review to assure the highest level of veracity and integrity.


Every audit and assurance engagement that we perform is subject to a meticulous and intensive technical review process to ensure the highest level of accuracy and integrity. Our quality control policy assures that the professional services we provide meet the quality standards set by the profession.


Through specialization in various sectors in the industry, our auditors have great ability to detect issues that affect our clients’ businesses and are able to locate risk areas. We have collaborated with companies listed in different international stock markets, financial institutions, government sector, private companies and non-profit organizations.


Our methodology and automated technologies provide our clients with a more efficient and consistent audit approach. We identify, quantify and achieve better understanding of our clients’ risk factors which could have an impact on the financial statements, considering the cost-benefit and saving time.


Because our process uses an application that relies on an advanced technology that assures the highest security levels, our work papers can be shared with your executive staff and Audit Committee as well as with other corporate governance bodies, enhancing communication and reporting processes.